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Team Construction offers our clients a number of contract options, which allow you to decide how involved you would like to be on your project.

Some of the contract options include:

CCDC 14 Design-Build Contract

An agreement between the design-builder and owner for design services and work at a fixed price. Team is an avid supporter of design-build because we feel it promotes a collaborative setting and provides you with budget certainty.

CCDC 5A Construction Management Contract for Services

This contract is for services only and the construction manager acts as a limited agent of the owner, providing advisory services and administration. Subcontracts are monitored by the construction manager and services performed are billed separate as a percent fee, which is calculated on monthly job costs to date.

CCDC 5B Construction Manager at Risk

This contract is for both services and work, and it also includes advisory and value engineering during the pre-construction phase. The construction manager assumes all risk involved in carrying out the work, contracts with subcontractors, and work is performed on a “cost plus fee” basis, calculated on monthly job costs to date.

In addition, this contract includes an option to change to a “Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)”, GMP plus % cost savings, or, conversion to a “CCDC 2 Stipulated Sum”.

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