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Our Story

Where We Build:

1981 was a big year. Raiders of the Lost Ark opened in theatres, John Lennon’s hit single (Just Like) Starting Over went #1 in Canada, and a talented builder named Gordon Wilson founded Team Construction Management. At that time, we’d already been building and renovating houses in Vancouver and Westbank for a few years; more than four decades later, we have grown into one of the leading construction firms in the Okanagan.

What We Build:

Driven by the needs of our community, the diverse experience we have gained as a residential and commercial builder has grown exponentially. To date our portfolio includes; custom homes and estates, additions, renovations and condominiums, townhomes, commercial tenant improvements, restaurants, hospitality facilities, wineries and manufacturing. We have provided our expertise to institutional industries and the hospitality sector; building schools, campuses, boutique hotels and office buildings, along with commercial and residential heritage restorations. A turnkey solution to building, we continue to broaden our skillset while focusing on the individual goals and vision of each client.

How We Build:

A full-service construction firm, Team Construction is made up of a highly experienced team that includes expert carpenters, designers, draftspeople, and Gold Seal Certified Project Management. We have the capability to handle projects of any size through each phase to completion. Each stage is handled in-house by a team assembled based on their level of experience related to a given project. Customer-centric, we have a collaborative, hands-on approach to building that emphasizes transparency in execution.

Why We Build:

Because we love it. As builders, we have a deep appreciation for true craftsmanship and this is the foundation of our business. Working together as a team to bring a client’s’ vision to life is a wonderful experience and one we continue to enjoy even more as our business grows. With each year comes new construction methods, technology, and practices, transforming the construction industry and those like us who work in it for the better.