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Learn How to Design Your Dream Home With Lighting in Mind

The first thing I notice when I walk into a space is its light. And while that may be a side-effect of working for almost thirty years as a custom home builder in Kelowna, I’d say that holds true for all of us. Lighting has a profound effect on all aspects of a space. It plays a fundamental role in creating atmosphere, how we perceive a space visually, and even our health. So if you’re interested in learning how to design your dream home with lighting in mind, read on.


From Caravaggio to Van Gogh, many of the greatest artists who ever lived were obsessed with light. And for good reason. Both natural and artificial lighting can have dramatic results on a space and the way we feel in it. We should know, too. Not only does our Kelowna construction company work as general contractors, we have successfully completed a variety of custom built homes, luxury homes, and renovation projects throughout the Okanagan.

By encouraging our clients to design with lighting in mind, we have gained a deeper understanding of how it can transform a home’s physical design as well as the emotional health of those in it.

For example, lighting can affect the following:

  • Mood.
  • Atmosphere.
  • Productivity.
  • Circadian health.
  • Our perception of scale and proportion.
  • Where our attention is drawn.

So how do we use lighting design to our advantage in designing a home? How can lighting best benefit our mental, physical and emotional state while being beautiful at the same time?


Whether you’re in the process of a custom home build yourself or have hired a general contractor, talk lighting at the earliest stage possible.

To begin with, you want to maximize whatever natural light you can. In order to do this you will need to figure out whether or not your home will receive direct sunlight. This means taking a good look at the details of your lot. You will also want to plan around anything that will obstruct your home’s natural light such as another building or a large tree.

Once you have a clear idea of how much direct sunlight your home will receive, you need to decide what areas should take advantage of it. For example, are you someone who loves to spend time cooking and entertaining in the kitchen? Are you an early riser who dreams of waking up to a beautiful sunrise? Or maybe you’re out the door by the time the sun comes up, but want to be greeted by a cozy living room drenched in natural light when you get home.

Decide early on which parts of your home would most benefit from natural light. Then you can move on to the next stage of planning: artificial light.


There are a few things to consider when choosing artificial light for your dream home. As Kelowna home builders we believe that artificial lighting should complement your home’s design. This means supporting the ebb and flow of natural light throughout your home whenever possible. For example, if your home faces east you may need more artificial lights towards the back. Likewise, areas with lower ceilings may benefit from additional light as do hallways, closets, powder rooms, and other small spaces.

Another important question to ask yourself is whether there is a central feature you would like to highlight? This could be a painting, a particularly unique design element, or something structural you want to draw attention to. Using artificial light to highlight your home’s architectural elements is a wonderful way to enhance its design and function.


Team Construction Management has been building world-class luxury homes, commercial buildings and restoration projects for over 36 years. If you have a question about something in this blog, or need some advice on an upcoming project, feel free to contact us today.

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