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Tilt Up Concrete

Tilt-up concrete construction is one of the most efficient techniques for casting exterior concrete walls. Typically used for larger commercial or retail buildings, tilt-up construction is a form of precast construction and the technique has been in use for well over a century.

Also known as tiltwall construction, the method requires the concrete to be poured in large slabs at the job site; once the material has set, the wall can be raised into its final position using a crane. Tilt-up construction allows builders such as Team to work with increased speed and efficiency and can have advantageous cost benefits – particularly on large-scale projects.

Beyond the obvious economic benefits of tilt-up construction is the fact that it creates a highly durable product with design flexibility. In milder climates where severe weather is less likely to interrupt on-site building, a precast panel technique can provide a consistent result, high quality, and avoid high transportation fees associated with the shipping of building elements.