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A Kelowna Luxury Home Builder on the Secrets to Green Building Part 1

It’s no secret that as Kelowna luxury home builders with almost four decades of experience we take responsible stewardship of the planet seriously. That’s why we employ green building techniques and sustainable building technology whenever possible. So, if you’re embarking on a home build, here are some of our tried-and-true secrets to help you keep it green.


As Kelowna building contractors we work to minimize our energy usage through all stages of a building’s life cycle. If you are eager to do the same, speak with your contractor during the planning stage; this will give you time to incorporate as many strategies as possible.


  • Minimize your electric light usage by performing construction only during daylight hours.
  • Minimize your water usage by choosing drought-tolerant plants and sturdier native varieties that don’t require as much watering.
  • Minimize your water usage by determining in advance how many sprinklers you need. Do not turn them on unless you need to.
  • Minimize your power usage by outfitting your home with energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
  • Minimize your power usage by including any trees on the property in your design. Trees can provide shade and reduce your need for air conditioning in summertime.


When embarking on a custom home build, make sure to integrate renewable and low-carbon technologies into your design. As local Kelowna building contractors, we can attest to the power of the following strategies.


  • Integrate motion detectors that shut off lights when no one is home. This is a cost-effective way to reduce irresponsible energy usage and create energy savings.
  • Integrate solar panels so that you can reduce your dependency on the grid, reduce your power usage, and create long-term energy savings.
  • Integrate biodegradable materials in your home’s foundation, walls and insulators.
  • Integrate water efficient technologies like dual plumbing, rainwater harvesting and greywater re-use systems, which minimize your water usage and create energy savings.


A comprehensive stormwater management system is crucial to green building and something we emphasize as a Kelowna construction company. These systems minimize the impact of storm water on the environment by conserving natural features and resources, as well as protecting water quality and volume.


  • Incorporate a comprehensive stormwater management system during the site-planning stage of design.
  • Incorporate an effective management program to address stormwater runoff to protect your water quality.
  • Incorporate a system that integrates the natural drainage system of the area when and if possible.
  • Incorporate an attractive design that easily blends into the surrounding landscape whenever possible.
  • Incorporate a pollution prevention plan into the construction of your system to avoid unnecessary environmental damage.


With almost forty years of experience as a Kelowna construction company and building contractor we emphasize the importance of efficiency. This means using building materials in an efficient way, minimizing waste, and sorting out refuse properly so that whatever materials can be recycled are.


  • Be efficient by designing a comprehensive equipment and materials management program at the planning stage.
  • Be efficient by ordering only the materials you need and keeping them in a convenient and safe installation area close to your building site.
  • Be efficient by minimizing scrap materials. The best way to do this is by choosing a reputable distributor who will provide you with a material management plan for all your building materials at each stage of building and construction.
  • Be efficient by ensuring there are adequate stations on-site for recycling various types of waste, and that hazardous materials such as paint are disposed of properly.


Thousands of tons of construction materials make their way into our landfills every year. That’s why a growing number of Kelowna construction companies and luxury home builders are making a point to use prefabricated and “made-to-fit” products whenever possible.


  • Prefabricated homes are constructed off-site in a factory while your home’s foundation is being completed, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of vehicles at your building site.
  • Prefabricated homes help to keep thousands of tons of materials out of our landfills every year.
  • Prefabricated materials help to minimize on-site waste because they optimize material purchases and usage.
  • Prefabricated materials are stored at the manufacturing facility, which can help to enhance overall indoor air quality by reducing high moisture levels in framing materials.
  • Prefabricated materials can significantly reduce the construction schedule, saving on-site noise and light pollution.

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