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Team Construction has a long and successful history of completing projects on time and on budget, without sacrificing quality or design. This begins with our highly qualified team members and subcontractors, all of whom understand the value of consistent, open communication, efficient decision-making, and teamwork.

Our preconstruction services have five crucial components:

  • Scope to identify required elements and program options.
  • Risk mitigation to identify constraints and potential solutions.
  • Schedule to optimize means, methods, resources and sequencing.
  • Budget to price out scope of project and building schedule, as well as identify risk factors and cost options.
  • Detailed owner feedback to help us make meaningful and timely decisions.

After this stage of the build process is complete we move onto Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

A highly useful tool that works to ensure construction accuracy, VDC helps us and our clients to visualize the construction process, quantify the scope of the project, schedule construction activities, and improve quality. Invaluable in its ability to foster collaboration between us and our clients, VDC allows you to become an involved part of the process. Communicating virtually with our team of architects, engineers and tradespeople, you will assist us in anticipating (and therefore mitigating) any conflicts prior to construction.

Once the VDC phase of a project is complete, it is followed by Prefabrication and Modularization. These techniques aim to improve productivity in construction and include technologies such as Building Information Modeling, which aim to shorten project schedules, decrease budget, and improve the amount of construction site waste created.

Some of the benefits of prefabrication and modularization include:

  • Construction area is expanded to include off-site manufacturing and assembly facilities, alleviating congestion on site.
  • Building components can be built or assembled under controlled factory conditions, which improves efficiency and quality while reducing cost.
  • Components can be delivered to the site “just in time” for integration on the project, which reduces the amount of on-site storage space.
  • Using trade partners as installers is more efficient and accurate.

While these strategies have been used for many years by industry professionals, new and emerging technologies have allowed us to take full advantage of their potential; providing our clients with an excellent return on their investment.

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