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How to Choose the Right Builder for Your Home Project

Choosing the right kind of custom-home builder is the most important step in realizing your home project. So before you embark on the process, be sure to take the time you need to find the best fit. Whether it’s a Kelowna luxury homebuilder, custom homebuilder, or a renovation company here in the Okanagan, below are a few tried-and-true tips to assist you in your search.

Get Specific

When it comes to home projects, get specific. A home renovation will have a better chance of success if it’s carried out by a home renovation specialist; the same way a custom-built home needs a custom home builder. It may seem like obvious advice, but you would be surprised by how many people engage someone who has inadequate experience with the type of project they’re looking to complete.

The Law of 3s

When you take on a home project – renovation, repair, or custom-home build – you want to get a comprehensive and detailed quote from at least 3 different reputable sources. Once you have these quotes, try to obtain at least 3 references from former clients. Ideally, you’re looking for references from former clients who engaged the contractor for a project similar to yours.

Read the Fine Print

Never assume that the cheapest quote is the best quote. There are many Kelowna construction companies out there. You need to find the best fit all around, not just the best fit for your pocketbook. Many people mistakenly assume that the cheaper the quote, the more sincere; but that’s not always the case. A cheaper quote can be a reflection of a savvy builder, but it can also be the result of items that weren’t included but should have been. If you approach any Kelowna builder, be sure to clarify all “allowances” or “provisional” items beforesigning anything.

More Fine Print

Inclusions and exclusions determine what items are included in the purchase price. This includes appliances as well as things like A/C units, storage sheds, and even ceiling fans.

You should also understand all inclusions and exclusions in the tender. If there are no inclusions or exclusions listed, ask why! These can be big-ticket items that make a significant financial difference to your overall quote.

Speed dating for Contractors

It is not uncommon for someone to choose a contractor based on initial dealings with the estimator or business development person. However, after the contract is signed you may learn that someone else is running your project. To avoid any disappointment, I suggest interviewing the team that plans to work on your project. This will help you to decide if they are the right builder for your home project or not. To facilitate this process you can (and should) ask for their qualifications to be submitted with their tender.

Have a Question?

Team Construction Management has been building world-class luxury homes, commercial buildings and restoration projects for over 38 years with more than 350 years of combined management experience. If you have a question about something in this blog, or need some advice on an upcoming project, feel free to contact us today.