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Borden Avenue Heritage Restoration: 911 Borden Avenue, Kelowna, BC


Although the exact date of construction isn’t clear, it is thought this richly detailed residence was originally built sometime before 1915 by Herman D. Riggs, co-owner of Clement Riggs Ltd., a local brick manufacturer. The home is an eclectic mixture of Richardsonian/Queen Anne forms and detail. The 3 storey home was later sold to Mr. William T. Ortt (retired) and then sometime in the 1950’s the home went through various modifications and additions to divide it into apartment units, which has been its primary use since. The home was in dire need of repair and was purchased by Davara Holdings Ltd. with the intent to restore the home to original condition and then renovate its interior. It’s primary use is for their corporate office and associated charitable foundations but the third floor remains a residential suite. The project was completed in Spring 2010.