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Carrs Landing Private Estate:


Luxury Home Building comes with its perks

The Carrs Landing Residence was an opportunity for Team to further expand its Kelowna luxury home building portfolio while exploring the amazing vision of the owners. This was a large multi-level home of roughly 8,700 square feet. The concept as developed by the owners was one of using natural products, locally sourced where possible, integrating the home with the surrounding slope and vineyard in a seamless presentation. The home was big enough that it could have dwarfed the property, but with care in the design, and an impeccable taste in finishes, this home and the surrounding property are beautifully integrated. In the kitchen can be seen wood and stone; the wood a luxurious hand scraped walnut; the stone countertops rich with natural patterns. The effect of the blending of the two is a modern feel while still preserving the natural associations to the surrounding property. Locally quarried stone was used on some walkways and further connects this home with its surroundings. A pond serves as a continuous extension to the patio and is itself an extension of the view of the lake.

It can be tempting to describe a home in terms of what it has, listing off the luxury features. This home has it all and then some, including a theatre room, library, swimming pool and slide, hot tub, wine room and 3 car garage. A completely unique, oval elevator with black walnut inside and out and custom hand blown stained glass windows inspired by scenes of Okanagan Lake completes the list. These are all great to be sure, but what really stands out for those who built the Carrs landing residence are the qualities it brings. Those qualities are outstanding vision, materials and workmanship. This home is a unified package of luxury without being pretentious. That quality persistently, at every corner, step, stair, line, and curve, speaks for itself.