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Lakeview Heights Residence

Stunning and modern single family custom home nestled into a West Kelowna hillside site with gorgeous views of Okanagan Lake and nearby vineyards.
Lakeview Heights Residence

Project Description

Almost all the architectural features of this construction project are custom fabricated and extremely detail oriented making it one of our finest showcase projects. This custom home was designed by Kelowna Architect Carlo DiStefano. Building was completed in 2012.

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For more than four decades Team Construction has managed the construction of some of the most beautiful custom homes in Kelowna, and throughout the Okanagan. Connect with us today to discuss yours.

Commercial Construction Kelowna
The Cedar Creek Winery wine processing building exterior was modernized, the stucco was recolored, and 3 large feature doors were placed around the building.
This addition to the Cedar Creek Winery is a private wine club and tasting room customized with floor-to-ceiling glass wine cabinetry and a private outdoor court.
Cedar Creek Wine Tasting Room
The rock retaining wall, vaulted ceilings, cutting edge lighting, and a stunning view of Okanagan Lake immediately set the Tasting Room at the CedarCreek Estate Winery apart.
Lakeview Heights Custom Home West Kelowna 2