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Sailview Bay Residence: Kelowna, BC


This modern style home is carved into the steep hillside along the westside of Okanagan Lake. The owners vision for this property was to develop a modern multi-storey luxury home that capitalized on the steepness of the site, the waterfront of Okanagan Lake and the spellbinding views of the City of Kelowna, directly across the lake. Because of the steepness of the site (42 deg.), construction of the home began at its lowest point, closest to the lake. Working in sections, small platforms of foundation, anchored to the bedrock, would be completed and backfilled. Section by section construction progressed uphill until the building foundations were completed. This magnificent home features floor to ceiling glazing to capture the stunning views of Okanagan Lake and the city of Kelowna. The recreation pool on the upper lounge deck features a vanishing edge with water falling 12 feet to the collection pond below