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JoeAnna’s House

Team Construction has, in its 38 years of experience as a Kelowna builder, completed many projects in the Okanagan. Some of those projects bring a really keen sense of pride in their very direct contribution to the community. JoeAnna’s House is one of those and then some! Team Construction, your Kelowna General Contractor, is extremely pleased to be involved in JoeAnna’s House as we bring a long history of community involvement, therefore JoeAnna’s House was a perfect fit.

The Kelowna General Hospital Foundation announced the JoeAnna’s House fundraising kickoff in October of 2017. Since then, they have been tireless in their efforts to raise funds for the construction and operation of JoeAnna’s House. In March of 2018, Team Construction was honoured to be selected as the Construction Manager for the project. 

JoeAnna’s House is being built at 321 Royal Avenue, a block from the Kelowna General Hospital. The House will provide an affordable place to stay for family members of those being treated at the Kelowna General Hospital. One in four beds at the Kelowna General Hospital is occupied by an out of town patient. Their family members travel from out of town to be with their loved ones during times of extreme emotional difficulty and JoeAnna’s House provides those family members with a safe and secure place nearby their loved one at an affordable cost. 

JoeAnna’s is within easy walking distance, with many amenities nearby. With 13,000 square feet, and 20 rooms, each hosting up to four people, JoeAnna’s will be able to assist these many people from outside the Kelowna area. Guests will be able to make their own meals in the large kitchen facility, as well as do their laundry in the on-site facility. There will also be a play area for children and the facility is wheelchair accessible. 

The trades have really come together in the JoeAnna’s House project, donating time and materials, and pouring resources into the project to meet an ambitious schedule. This has been an effort from the entire community of Kelowna and Team Construction is very proud to be a part of it. The project has proceeded on target, or ahead of schedule, from the start and is presently expected to complete in October of 2019.  

For further information about JoeAnna’s House please visit  www.joeannashouse.com

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