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JoeAnna’s House

Partnering with the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation, Team Construction was very proud to work on the JoeAnna’s House project at 321 Royal Ave. Kelowna.

Project Description

Constructed at 321 Royal Avenue, one block away from the Kelowna General Hospital, the JoeAnna’s House project is a facility with 20 guest suites that allows families from outside the area to stay together when one of their members is in need of medical attention in Kelowna.

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JoeAnna's House Building Construction Kelowna

Team Construction managed the project and was able to finish both on time and on budget. JoeAnna’s House represents some of the community involvement that Team Construction is known for, and we were pleased to also make a significant financial donation to the project. One of Team Construction’s maxims is that of “Working Together, Winning Together”. In the case of JoeAnna’s House this represents a big win for the community as well.