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Institutional Construction Services

A Short History:

During the more than thirty-eight years that Team Construction Management has been in business, we have successfully completed dozens of institutional construction projects. Many of these you can find in and around the city of Kelowna, where we are headquartered. A full-service construction firm, we have successfully completed institutional construction projects in the healthcare, education, recreation and public works’ sectors. Past projects range from daycares, schools and campuses to public health-care facilities.

Our Institutional Construction Services:

While the majority of our work is negotiated, we have extensive experience with design and build contracts as well as lump sum/stipulated sum delivery methods. We’ve been at this construction game now for over 38 years and we have never failed to complete a project or had a demand placed upon our insurance company.

As a full-service construction firm, we endeavor to successfully fulfill our contractual obligations with total transparency. When called beyond home for work, we pack up our values and take them with us. That means prompt payment processes, safe jobsite practices, and a mindful attitude toward local subcontractors and their community. When engaged on an institutional construction project we work to generate as much local business as possible. Given the scale of most commercial ventures, this practice can be substantial. As a local business with deep roots in our community we understand the importance of employing local craftspeople and other trade specialists.

Passion Projects:

While every institutional construction project we tackle feels like a win for the community, some projects are recognized as outstanding contributions. The Karis Support Society was one such project. Built in 2015, the 3-storey, 24,000 square foot facility was the first building completed on the Central Green site in downtown Kelowna. More than a typical institutional construction project, this beautifully designed, modern facility is a community living space for women in recovery. The Central Green project intends to transform one of Kelowna’s empty lots into a sustainable community with heritage-inspired architecture, urban living and a 5-acre park. With deep roots in our local community, Team embarked on this construction project with tremendous enthusiasm.

Keeping the aim of Kelowna’s Central Green site in mind, it was important that the Karis building was LEED certified. A certification program for commercial-building projects, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. When we began construction on this project, we knew that our management team would play a big role in keeping us on track. The planning stages before construction required careful consideration to ensure the project would be cost-effective, but also resource and energy efficient. A wonderful experience for Team, we hope to undertake many more LEED certified projects in the future.


Hands-on and collaborative with our clients, our highly qualified team oversees site supervision, project management and field personnel during the building and construction phase of each institutional construction project. Our experienced management personnel will work to maximize planning and design resources, as well as monitor site conditions. This ensures effective communication is maintained and that each project is successfully executed.